One of the most frequently asked questions parents ask me is “How do I increase my child’s self confidence?”

This is an important question because without self confidence children have trouble trying new things, reaching for goals, and having a positive self image.

For children to be successful they need to be able to have the ability to believe in themselves. It is with that belief that they will try for greatness and take their destiny into their own hands.

So the question is how do we improve a child’s self confidence? Many parents believe its by paying them compliments. Compliments are wonderful when used appropriately but when over used they can actually harm a child. When parents tell their kids they are the smartest or best a sport at some point that child will finally realize that this isn’t true. Your child may have strengths that you want to compliment but please remember your child is not great at everything. Its good for a child to know they aren’t always the best, that means they have to work harder to try to accomplish something.

The real way children build confidence is not by hearing their parents tell them how wonderful they are but rather by the child seeing for themselves that they are capable of success. As parents we can help them achieve this by making them do things on their own. When they succeed they own that and that is what helps grow their confidence. Make your child realize they can successfully load a dishwasher, vacuum, do laundry.  Along with chores let your child be responsible for their homework, packing their sports bag/book bag, making themselves lunch. This shows them they are independent and can succeed. It also shows them that you believe they are capable.

Don’t be quick to save your child. When they see they can succeed on their own they will be confident to try more.