Kids really do pick up on so much, they feel the stress in the house and the stress of the parents. It IMPACTS them.  It actually impacts them more than they normally let on.  It is not unusual for kids in my office to tell me about the stress their parents are under and how they see them with little patience and blaming others when they are in this state. Parents so often feel like they have so much to do and so little time to get it done. Top that off with feelings of loss of control with the home and the kids, it makes for angry and irritable parents.  In my practice I have many parents wanting their child to get help but the reality is the whole home environment needs to change.   I work with parents through my parent strategy session to help implement the changes needed to reduce stress. As a parent think of how you are taking care of yourself mentally daily. These questions are a great way to start:

How often do you have alone time?

What do you do to combat stress daily?

Are you taking care of your physical health?

Are you comfortable with saying “no”?

If trying to answer these questions brought up some concerns please go t0 and check out the specialized program page. Helping yourself helps the whole family.