As a therapist for almost 20 years I have worked in all different environments and within different  therapeutic cultures. I have seen basically two different ways to go with the treatment of mental health issues. Either get to the root cause or go the traditional therapeutic way with conventional talk therapy and normally a psychiatrist involved. With over 40 million Americans (according to Mental Health America 2018) suffering from mental illness I am going out on a limb to say the traditional way isn’t helping much.

Many teens come to me suffering from depression, these are teens who in a heartbeat would be prescribed an antidepressant along with maybe some therapy. That doesn’t actually fix the problem. Depression is so often a symptom of something else going on in the body. The mind body connection has to be examined. I am so fortunate to have found some great doctors to refer to who also believe this. Through this clients who thought they were suffering from depression have found out they had Mono or clients with anxiety have learned they have Celiacs. Not all are that extreme but many find that they have gut issues or nutritional deficiencies that are contributing to their issues.

Now I’m not saying its all the body and no room for talk therapy but the body has to be functioning that way the mind can actually use the coping skills and information that they are learning in my office. It has only been recently that more and more people are understanding that the whole person needs to be treated not just the symptom.