3 Skills To Teach Now

Its always around this time in my practice that I start getting the frantic phone calls. Parents are scared that their child is going off to college in a few weeks and they don’t know if they are prepared. Lets be honest, many times the parents are more scared then the kids are but there are a few things that parents can do to help ease the transition.

My favorite one is start making your child do their laundry. Its always this topic that gets the most petrified looks from parents. I have heard every excuse to as why this cant possibly happen, “They don’t have time” “They cant work the machine” “What if they mix the colored with whites?” You child is smarted than you think, trust me when I say if they got into college and can work a smart phone they can handle the laundry.

There is more to laundry then just the act of doing laundry. They actually have to plan when to do it and execute that plan. Along with the responsibility of planning your child will actually feel more independent by doing this.

My next topic is basic cooking. Yes, most of the kids are eating in dining halls but depending on their housing situation they may be able to cook a little and as they continue college this is a skill that they will need. They will not burn down your house! A small fire, maybe…but which of us haven’t learned the needed lesson of not putting tinfoil into a microwave.

Let them learn in the safety of your home. Along with yet again giving them confidence and independence you can also spend great quality time in the kitchen together.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and college is expensive. Besides the cost of college your child will also be needing money just to live on. Whether it be the parents who are funding this or the child from their hard earned money its smart to sit down and talk about how much to spend and on what. Make a monthly budget together thats reasonable.

The real lesson will be when your child exceeds the budget cause you know they really needed all that extra Starbucks. Do not come to the rescue. I repeat do not come to the rescue. Let them see the consequences of not sticking to their budget. If that means they don’t have money for a few days to eat out or hang out with friends allow that natural consequence to happen. Better to learn this now in college than in the real world when rent is due. 

Take the summer to really focus on daily living skills. Your child has been for years working on the academic piece now make sure the real life piece is there. If there are emotional concerns its always wise to see a therapist to make sure its dealt with prior to leaving. Reach out I can help. www.kericooperholistictherapy.com