Its almost the end of summer and many moms are already out of snacks, have had no privacy (why does every child need something the moment you step into a bathroom?) and have been living on coffee like its their job. Relax, moms your normal. Summer is wonderful because we get to be with our children without the pressures of school, however it is more hectic with them being home all day. It definitely turns our schedule upside down and as a mom of four I completely get it.

Its in summer that some parents also start realizing maybe something isn’t working. They realize they are saying the same thing not once or twice but all day long to their kids. They start to realize that they don’t like the way their child is treating them or that they just don’t enjoy the way their child is acting in general. 

Due to the less structured schedule of summer and the lack of homework sometimes summer is the best time to look at whats working and what isn’t and make a game plan to change the family dynamics for the better.  Start with a list of what needs to change along with a list of whats working out great. Start looking at what may be causing some of the issues (lack of sleep, lack of consequences, lack of follow through, screaming, too  much screen time, not eating well). Take an issue and begin to work on that one alone. In the summer you have more time to see the behavior and work on chaining it.

If you get stuck along the way there is help. I offer a two hour parent strategy session were we can go over the issues and figure out a game plan to put in place. Don’t wait till the stress of the school year. Start now. Enjoy the rest of the summer!