Its really all perception. Ten people can all witness the same event and all ten tell different accounts of what happened. Its the same with our life. We see it the way that makes sense and fits into our story. If we believe that our life is a constant struggle and filled with hardship then thats exactly what it will become. We will constantly search and successfully find situations that will prove our story true. On the other hand if we come to life thinking that our life is full and joyful we will also find situations to prove that true.

Our life is what we think and believe of it. Try waking up one morning and truly believing that your life is great. Go through your day with that attitude and see how everything shifts. So often our teens have this perception of life that it is difficult and stressful. Well guess what their life then becomes, difficult and stressful. So often parents scratch their heads about why their teen is reporting so much stress when nothing seems that bad. The reality is that its all in the eyes of the beholder. Trying being an example for your teen (and maybe even improve your life while doing this) and face your day with a positive attitude. Events through out the day make them fit into that perspective. Work on helping your teen reframe events while allowing them to express their emotion. Notice how life will start to shift.