As parents we are constantly talking to our children about what they should do. They should be on social media less, they should eat better, exercise, and sleep. We talk to them about how to handle relationships. We tell them not to allow others to bring them down, have confidence in themselves, push through and succeed.

This is the advice we give to them on a daily basis but what do they see?

Are you on your phone too much distracted by social media and not really present? When your child sees you having a moment to sit do they see you reach for the phone or see you connecting on a human level? We preach eat better and exercise but so often moms are standing up eating while serving their families a meal. Sit, eat and enjoy. Not only do you deserve it but your children need to see you do this. Show your children that it’s ok to put yourself first and take care of yourself. If we aren’t taking care of ourselves how can we possibly preach to others to do it?

Children are more aware of our relationships then we think. What are we demonstrating? Are we engaged in poor relationships in which we don’t honor ourselves? Do we allow others to put us down? One of the most important areas to explore is how do our children hear us talk about ourselves? Do we say we are fat, ugly, don’t like our skin, too short too tall, unhappy with our hair? When they hear their parent talking so negatively about themselves they assume this is acceptable. Parents please love yourself. Take as good as care of yourself as you want your child to take care of themselves. Be the example and practice what you preach.

If you or your child is struggling please reach out