This is a time unlike anything we have seen before. Teens and college kids are now trying to learn virtually, plus deal with being in their homes away from their friends and mix that  with a whole lot of family time. Its like the perfect storm, plus they have no idea when they will get their lives back. Everyone is affected by this crisis and there are a few tips I wanted to share to help limit the stress.

  1. Try to remain on a schedule. School time needs to be taking place during school hours. Teens need to be up and dressed like it was a normal day. They need to be sitting down with their school work and making sure they take a  break for lunch. Having a designated place to do school work will help them focus (and the bedroom is normally the worst place). Make sure kids are shutting down and still going to bed as they normally would.  
  2. Get outside and move. If the weather is nice get the whole family outside. Even if it means just sitting in the sun (we can all benefit from some Vitamin D). If you cant get outside now is your time to try some family yoga from the comfort of your home. YouTube has many options!
  3. Try to see this as a time in which you can do something that you normally don’t have time for. Schedules are normally packed and now that they are home you can use this time well. Have them learn to cook dinner with you, learn a card game, re organize their room, anything that you normally don’t have time for.
  4. Encourage your teens to reach out to teachers. This is new terrain for both students and teachers. Teachers are massively sympathetic to what is occurring and are there for your teens.  If work is confusing encourage them to send emails and get in touch with staff.
  5. Drop the fantasy. If you have any fantasy’s in your head about how this will be a week of amazing bonding without some massive frustrations you need to be real.  Tempers will rise, there will be frustration, and there will be moments in which it all just seems too much.  This is all normal.

Everyone will handle this differently but if you notice your teen is really struggling with anxiety during this time reach out. Virtual sessions are occurring at Keri Cooper Holistic Therapy


Stay strong we will get through this!