Recently I have seen an increase in the amount of kids and teens being referred to my office due to sleep disturbances.  This comes as no surprise considering the state of the world currently. Sleep is crucial and without good sleep we can’t regulate our emotions or function well. Below are my 6 tips for good sleep. If your child or teen is still struggling due to underlying anxiety or fear please reach out for help.

  1. Set regular sleep and wake times. Make them reasonable. There is no way most teens will wake up by 9am so set realistic goals.
  2. Meditate before bed. This one is crucial. Meditation helps with relaxation and settling the body down. There are many free apps for guided meditations.
  3. Have a rule that there are no electronics allowed in the bedroom. Ever. Period. No discussion. This is easily one of the biggest culprits of teens not getting proper sleep.
  4. Get outdoors during the day. Not only does being outside help with sunlight and fresh air it also helps increase activity level.
  5. Epsom salt baths are helpful and to make them even more calming add some lavender oil.
  6. Only use the bed for sleep. Bed should not be the place where school work is being done or shows are being watched. The brain needs to associate bed with sleep.