Ever hear the saying “fake it till you make it.”  Well I am a big believer in that because as you are faking it you are actually shifting your energy to change. So often I have teens in my office trying to breakthrough  the depression or anxiety that they feel. These feelings are so intense and they have a really difficult time shifting out of it. I can understand why. Our brains are fascinating and really can get stuck into a loop of depression and anxiety and regardless of how much we logically try to talk ourselves out of it, sometimes our brain and body just wont allow it. 

Thats when tricking your brain comes into play. SMILE. Yes, just smile and your body will tell your brain that your smiling which then sends the signal that all must be ok. Its somewhat a reverse of the normal logic of trying to talk yourself out of emotions. Instead of using your brain and logic you are using your body to change the brain. Smiling sends signals to the brain to release dopamine and serotonin, our feel good chemicals.

Next time you have feelings of anxiety or depression especially when they feel out of the blue and not needed try to just smile. Notice how you begin to feel after a few minutes. Even daily you can start noticing how much of the time you smile. Such a simple act can have such a great impact on your overall well being.

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