Sometimes Parents and Families of Teens Need Guidance and Support, Too

Keri Cooper

In addition to offering individual psychotherapy to give adolescents the tools to navigate life’s stressors, I design specialized programs to help parents and families learn to communicate effectively, handle difficult situations, and provide the support children need to thrive and grow.

Supporting Your Teen: A Strategy Session for Parents

Do you feel like your family needs to get back on track? Are you having concerns about one (or more) of your teens and don’t know how to go about addressing them?

This mini-session is ideal if:

  • You and your family are struggling to connect with each other or experiencing ongoing conflict at home
  • You feel your adolescent child has begun to rule the house
  • Your teen is suffering from anxiety or lack of coping skills

In this two-hour strategy session, parents are invited to explore issues affecting their family including particular problems they may be having with one or more of their children. Taking an integrated, solution-focused approach, we will work together to evaluate the home environment, assess the underlying problems, and set goals to be achieved.

You will leave with a better understanding of the concerns you’ve raised and a solid plan for coping with or resolving them. This may include action steps to address specific issues, ideas for solutions, and referrals if needed.

For parents who are unsure about committing to therapy, this program may provide all the guidance they need. It is also helpful for families that have tried therapy and still seem stuck, and offers parents an alternative option for getting professional advice on how to help a child who is resistant to therapy.

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